Pain is Potential

“We are experts in our pain, and teachers of its potential.”

Pain is Potential
I published ‘Pain is Potential’ to share some of my core insights into the experience of suffering and what I later discovered to be the way out and forward. I experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening at the age of twenty-two and knew that my life had changed forever. A new path opened where suffering was optional and inspiration led the way. If you are looking to understand yourself, and open to the mystery of life where your purpose is written, this book is for you. I hope it will offer you what you need at this point in your journey.

Sophie Pham


Pain is Potential

Sophie's story is incredibly inspiring, I related to so much of her journey and the wisdom, insight and guidance she offers has helped me to overcome fear and focus on what matters most in my life. Her book has opened my eyes to who I truly am and what I am capable of. If you seek to know yourself, to make real change in your world and the world of others, then I highly recommend this book.
Sophie acknowledges, nay embraces, both the darkness and the light of her experiences ... and by honoring both, she ultimately triumphs. Hers is a wondrous journey and her story is a fascinating, courageous autobiography in and of itself. Sophie, to her credit and for our benefit, takes her story further and gives us practical tools that we can use to enhance our own journeys. May you find her story inspiring, these tools beneficial, and her wisdom enlightening.
At first the story of disrupted childhood, self destruction, abuse of alcohol, confused sexuality, prostitution and the story of addiction strike me as disturbing and unsettling in my core... Observation of the pain, it's acceptance, the links to it's cause (traumas), understanding of it's role and the Light that came onto the most vulnerable of self, brought the conclusion to the book in a very purposeful rendition.
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