Sophie Pham

I’m a social entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, coach and facilitator dedicated to helping you uncover your hidden gifts so that you can experience your greatest potential.

Purpose became important to me at the age of fourteen. At a point when I felt so victim to my experience that I believed there was no point in living, a little voice inside of me told me I had something unique to offer the world.

I directed my attention towards being something of value and wanted to become a psychiatrist at sixteen, being fascinated by the mind and its power over our behaviour. Due to an enormous pressure to succeed and be that “something of value”, I rebelled against my own best interests...

I slipped into depression, consumed myself with eating disorders, abused alcohol and became recklessly promiscuous. My self-destructive tendencies led me into prostitution while I was studying my Bachelor of Biomedicine at the age of nineteen. Over the years, I came to love one of my clients which through a panic attack, revealed my intense fear of intimacy. Through this divine intervention, I became aware of my childhood conditioning and sexual traumas. It was a breakthrough.

When I finally graduated, I investigated doing research in Neuropsychiatry as I had experienced alternative ways to alter consciousness. However, I became disheartened by how slowly scientific research made progress, and decided to open myself up to the unknown to explore how I could serve and witness faster transformation for others in just the way I had witnessed my own.


“Today I am learning through case studies (outside the clinic), and educating through media creating the impact I desire.”